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Margaro – Piraeus

  • Time:  30m
  • Distance:  12 Km
  • Parking:  Yes

The menu selection is only one. There is no need to be confused about what you want. You come here to eat fried fish and shrimp! It is awesome, starting from the ambiance to service. The seating is patio style, during the time we went, one can feel this warm refreshing breeze pass through. The waiter comes by tells you gently the menu, very friendly and warm.
The food itself is tasty. Fish fried to perfection. Please remember if you don’t like fried food, this is not the place for you. The shrimp is superb. Everything is very fresh! You can still taste the sea in the food, that’s how fresh it is. The Greek salad was good too. The menu also comes with a desert and a bowl of fresh fruit. Perfect!