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Parnassos Mountain

  • Time:  3h:10m
  • Distance:  203Km

Greece of course is not known for its ski resorts, however if you are visiting the country during winter you can spend some time at its mountains and yes do ski!
Parnassos ski resort includes Kellaria the main resort and Fterolaka a second resort which both are connected each other when the weather is good. The Resort can not be compared with the ones in Central and North Europe, however for the short period were the snow is enough you can enjoy ski and snowboard as well as snowmobile or other activities in one of the southest ski resorts in Europe.
The lifts has been upgraded in Kellaria on 2014 and within 2015 will be upgraded in Fterolaka toο.
Always prefere (if possible) to visit resort during working days avoiding the busy weekends, in order to have the maximum of satisfaction and cheaper price!!!!
Arachova, for several years now, is firmly among the top winter destinations in Greece. Not without reason, since it offers the visitor everything.
A beautiful winter landscape, traditional houses, beautiful cobblestone streets, delicious local food, a long history with great monuments to prove it, direct access to the Parnassus Ski Center and Delphi are among the elements that make it the number one choice for a Winter excursion.